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Land Your Next Ten Retail Stores

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how do I approach boutiques to sell my product

Do you want to get your product into boutiques without doing expensive trade shows, feeling desperate for the sale, or acting like a stalker?

We'll show you how to do it, step-by-step

Your Investment: $297 


What is it?

  • An online course with 9+ hours of training videos and downloads to access at your own pace, from any device, at any time

Who is it for?

  • Makers, creators, artists, clothing and accessories designers, jewelry designers, crafters, soap makers – anyone who creates a product and wants to get it into boutiques, gift shops, online stores, museum shops, yoga studios, or retail outlets of any kind

Who is it NOT for?

  • People who want to get into big box stores like Target or Walmart. The content of this course is geared for getting into smaller stores and boutiques FIRST. However, if your goal is bigger stores (including high end department stores), this class will teach you the selling tools you need, how to approach buyers, and info about line sheets and lookbooks.

At the end of this class, you'll understand:

  • The specific selling tools you need in place BEFORE you start approaching buyers
  • The five pronged PROVEN strategy to approach buyers and get an order
  • How often to follow up with stores, what to send and what to say (so you don't feel sales-y or stalker-ish)
  • What it takes to get an order PLUS you'll have the confidence and motivation to actually DO IT and enjoy the process!
  • What to say on the phone to a buyer and what NOT to say
  • What to do if buyers aren't getting back to you

Who's teaching?

  • Jane Hamill, former boutique owner/buyer and clothing designer. Jane's clothing line was carried by Saks, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, and hundreds of boutiques. Her  collection was carried in 5 wholesale Showrooms across the country

Here's a clip from Module One of the Class...

What You Get

  • 9+ hours of training with videos, screenshares, examples, worksheets, PDF's, templates, etc.
  • The exact SCRIPTS to use when you call a retail buyer (audio mp3 recording + written scripts - word for word)
  • Purchase order TEMPLATE
  • Line sheet TEMPLATES (in WORD and PowerPoint)
  • Two FULL YEARS of unlimited access to the material

My 100% Personal Guarantee: I'm so sure that this course will provide you with the best information that I have a full guarantee. If this training course isn’t awesome for you, I offer a 60 day guarantee. Just email us and we'll process your refund. - Jane

Course Curriculum

Module One

  • How to find the RIGHT retailers for your product
  • How to determine who you "hang with"
  • Three things retail buyers are looking for from YOU
  • What you need in place BEFORE you start approaching stores (CHECKLIST)
  • Retail Prospect List (downloadable excel TEMPLATE)
  • How to get over your fear of selling
  • Examples of Lookbooks
  • Examples of Line Sheets
  • Photos: lifestyle vs. product shots

Module Two

  • Jane's PROVEN five pronged strategy to approaching retailers
  • What to send and what to say to get a buyer's attention
  • The perfect email pitch for a buyer (including TEMPLATES)
  • Examples of emails for buyer outreach
  • The deal with consignment and if you should do it
  • Why stores don't buy from you sometimes and what to do about it
  • Purchase Order Form (including TEMPLATE)

Module Three

  • The Scripts to Use with a Buyer VIDEO
  • Script Role Playing AUDIO (mp3)
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Sales Follow-Up
  • Showing the Line to a Buyer – Practice Video
  • After the Sale
  • BONUS HANDOUT: Module 3 Notes, Tips, and Other Cool Stuff

Your Investment: $297


After you register, you'll receive a separate email with your access details (please allow 10 - 30 minutes). If you don't receive an email from us, be sure to check your SPAM folder as well as Promotions (for Gmail users). Reach out if you have any trouble to the team at This is an ONLINE course, nothing will ship to you.


  • Will this course work for me if I don't live in the U.S.? The main ideas will apply to ANY niche, ANY product, in ANY country. I'm sure there are differences that are industry specific and these will not be covered in this course.
  • How is the course material delivered to me? All training modules are available immediately so you can go at your own pace. After you register, you'll get an email with your access link and password for the members area.
  • What if I sell an unusual product? The course will work for anyone who wants to get into specialty stores, boutiques, gift shops, etc. If you sell a utility product, a baby item, or backpacks - it doesn't matter. It is NOT suitable for bridal.
  • How long can I access the course? You get 2 full years of unlimited access.
  • Can I watch the videos on my phone? Yes, they are hosted on Vimeo and are accessible on any device